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Galvanized Hollow Iron
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Specification of Galvanized Hollow Iron

Galvanized Hollow is an iron hollow in the form of a square pipe. Galvanized Hollow is made of galvanized iron. Galvanized Hollow can be used for installation of iron ceiling frames, canopies and partition walls of houses, buildings, etc. Hollow galvanized iron has several advantages including:

Fireproof: Hollow iron is made of materials that do not conduct fire, thus providing security and comfort for residents of the house.

Anti-Termite: Galvanized hollow iron is not like wood that is vulnerable to termites or other rodents.

Stainless: Made of Galvanized material with a mixture of zinc and aluminum which produces a framework that is anti-rust and corrosion.

Fast installation process: Installation of hollow iron can be faster because for installation does not require special expertise.

Durable: Hollow iron has good quality because the material is sturdy and has resistance for long-term use.

More Economical: With a lower price than a wooden frame ceiling, it can reduce construction costs.

We sell Galvanized Hollow with various sizes, competitive prices and the best quality, so it can be tailored to the needs of its users.

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