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Galvanized Pipe
Galvanized Pipe
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Specification of Galvanized Pipe


Iron pipes are useful for flowing air, gas, and liquid from one place to another. The size also varies. There are large diameter and small diameter. One of the most widely used iron pipes is galvanized iron pipes. Galvanized iron pipe is an iron pipe coated with zinc material to protect it from rust. This makes the galvanized iron pipe suitable to be placed in any climate. Zinc lining the pipe makes it not easy to rust. This plus value is what makes galvanized iron pipes often chosen compared to other types of pipes. Because it is rust resistant, galvanized pipes are often used as scaffolding ladders, front railings and outdoor stair railings. Because it is made from iron, galvanized iron pipe is quite strong. He is resilient and difficult to solve alias anti-broken. Galvanized iron pipes are also not easily damaged during the process of transportation from one place to another and during pipe assembly.

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