Iron Elbow

Selling Iron ElbowIron Elbow changes the direction of material flow. The deflection angle is determined by the elbow design, product characteristics, transport speed, and specific load (also called the product-to-gas ratio). We sell Iron Elbow 90 degrees, also called "90 bends or 90 ells", made as SR (Short Radius) and elbow LR (Long Radius). Siku SR (Short Radius) has a Middle-Middle-Mid dimension of 1.0 X and is usually used in narrow areas where visibility is a problem. Siku LR (Long Radius) has a Middle-to-Face dimension of 1.5 X in diameter and is a more common type and is used when space is available and flow is more important.PT. Sumber Sarana Makmur Abadi Sentosa Sell Iron Elbow which is usually used for applications:- Iron Elbow is produced for use in flow lines for gas, liquids in industrial processes, medical, construction and many other special applications.- Elbow iron made from heavy materials for rigid applications such as extreme high / low temperatures etc.- Iron Elbow is specifically designed for use in process and control systems, instrumentation, and equipment used in chemistry, petroleum, fluid power, electronics and pulp and paper mills.

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