Iron WF

Sell ​​Iron WFPT. Sumber Sarana Makmur Abadi Sentosa Sell Iron WF (Wide Flange), is one of the iron which has very high strength in compressive strength or tensile strength so that it is often used for steel construction such as construction for the construction of bridges, warehouses, buildings, and many others. We sell Iron WF beams formed by the hot rolled process (cenai heat). In accordance with its function, WF iron itself is used to support construction or heavy loads. If it is not sturdy, supported objects or construction can collapse.We sell Iron WF with sizes including:- WF iron 150 × 75 mm- Iron WF 175 × 90 mm- WF 198 × 99 mm iron- Iron WF 248 × 124 mm- Iron WF 298 × 149 mm- Iron WF 500 × 200 mm- Iron WF 700 × 300 mmAnd many others, with varying thicknesses. WF iron length itself is generally 6m or 12m.

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