PT. SUMBER SARANA MAKMUR ABADI SENTOSA Established since 2015, we build consumer trust through resellers throughout Indonesia. through the Door To Door Service that we provide, until now we are still trying to provide perfect service to all consumers and levels of society. we are determined, for the future, to always provide the best service and always be able to improve service. PT. SSMAS (Sumber Sarana Makmur Abadi Sentosa), is a building material supplier specializing in iron. We distribute a lot of iron such as concrete iron, IWF-Habiem Iron, UNP, CNP, Wiremesh, and Mild Steel. besides that we also distribute iron materials, we also provide building work services, such as civil works, infrastructure. from the field of business that we run, we try to always provide consultation on matters relating to building materials and buildings. We hope that in the future we can always improve and enhance our services and competitiveness. Civil Engineering: Construction of government and private housing, both in the form of office buildings and shop houses/ shophouses as well as factories/warehouses. Manufacture of iron-making projects such as billboards, light steel roof trusses, aviary signage. STELL EQUIPMENT: Apart from being a contractor, we also provide and distribute Building Materials to all consumers. Among the Steel Equipment and PVC Pipes that we provide include: 1. Rebar​ 2. IWF, CNP & UNP 3. Wire mesh 4. Spandex & Bondex


adalah perusahaan swata yang berdiri sejak tahun 2015, yang bergerak di bidang distributor besi dan penyedia layanan jasa proyek pembangunan dan infrastruktur,
dengan visi menjadi prioritas dihati pelanggan dan misi memberikan pelayanan terbaik, serta kualitas produk dan layanan jasa.



PT. Sumber Sarana Makmur Abadi Sentosa

  merupakan supplier Material Building dengan pecialisasi besi. Terdapat Juga beberapa besi yang kami distribusikan dan pemberian jasa infrastruktur dan pembangunan.

Kami menyalurkan produk dan memberikan layanan jasa dengan kualitas dan mutu terbaik
Kami didukung dengan produsen dan sarana pendistribusian terbaik
PT. SSMAS berusaha memberikan harga terbaik untuk para konsumennya